“For me personally, working with Kelly’s is just easy.

We first found Dave through a referral from another business owner. We had been dealing with our bank directly and trying to get a loan, but with no success. I rang Dave and within a week he had my finance sorted – from the same bank we’d be dealing with ourselves, but had had no luck with!

Dave is just magic. I can’t speak highly enough about him or the team. I just make a phone call to them and say I’m looking at a truck and give them the costs. A day later Dave lets me know all the finance is approved.

He just makes things happen.”

Mark Eddy | Owner
M & M Trucking

M & M Trucking

“When I first met Paul I was needing to go through a refinancing and he helped to steer us through that minefield. You really need a solid understanding of finance, as well as the dairy industry, in order to have the best outcome.

Paul’s understanding of the mechanisms of money, as well as his broad-spread knowledge of the industry and how things work in dairy, meant he was able to provide us with the expertise we needed. You can’t expect someone to know everything about the industry, but anything that Paul didn’t know about he would ask intelligent questions, with a genuine interest. So he always makes sure he’s in a position of knowledge.

We’re under enough pressure, being an asset rich and cash poor enterprise, so to have someone like Paul in your team is a benefit.

I really appreciate Paul’s honesty too. If something isn’t able to be done, he’ll tell me, but also offer other suggestions for solutions. He’s never going to lead you up the garden path – but if he can’t do it, no one can!

Since starting to work with Paul I have been happily recommending him to others, who also speak as highly of him.”

Trevor Middlebrook | Owner
AT&B Middlebrook

AT & B Middlebrook

“We have used Kelly’s for more finance contracts than I can remember, over a period of about 10 years. We keep using them because we’ve never had and issues and everything is so quick and easy.

I can go to an auction and buy a vehicle and within a few days they’ve sorted out the finance. From an ease of service delivery perspective, Dave even brings the paperwork to me at my office to sign.

Basically Dave and the Kelly’s team just do what I need, when I need, without any hassle.”

Ken Douglas | Owner
D&R Labour Services

D & R Labour Services

“I’ve known Paul for many years now and I continue to work with him because he makes things easy and straightforward. I can just ring him and say I’ve got a good idea and he just says no worries, does the paperwork, there’s never a drama.

The reason Paul is so easy to deal with in finance is that he has a rural mind and understands what the requirements are for the rural industry, whether it be livestock, restructuring rural loans, reviewing options for cashflow. He’s a genius when it comes to rural cashflow!

Paul and the entire Kelly’s team are very professional, loyal, efficient and an extremely friendly group to work with. It’s why we keep using them.”

John Matthewson | Owner
Strathpark Pastoral Co

Strathpark Pastoral Company

“Kelly’s provides the best service around. David and the team are always reliable, meet deadlines and take the stress out of the finance process.

We’ve been financing vehicles through Kelly’s for the past 10 years and they just get it done. I tell them what I want and they come back to me with solutions. It’s just too easy.”

Craig Martin | Snooze Group
Bennetts Green – Kotara – Rutherford

Snooze Group

“I’ve been doing business for over 25 years with Paul and the Kelly’s team – and they’ve never let me down. We been through ups and downs over the years but we’ve always been able to get the finance we need.

In addition to business finance, Kelly’s has even financed some of my kids into the property market, to help them buy their first home.

Paul is very professional and provides a service that just makes things easier for me. He and the team do all the groundwork and everything is spot on.”

Tony Richardson | Owner
Richardson’s Transport

Richardson’s Transport

“My experience with David and Kelly’s Financial Group is that everything gets organised efficiently, in a timely manner, with absolutely thoroughness and attention to detail.

Even more importantly, we’ve been provided with a great deal for each item we’ve undertaken to get finance for. Quite frankly, everything is easy when you deal with David. He takes care of everything from start to finish.

It’s interesting to note that even my Bank Manager has told me they love dealing with David as he gets all the information the first time. There’s no too and fro, he just gets it right from the start.”

Brent Fairns | Owner
Organic Feast

Organic Feast